Brinc Batelco Design Sprint

We recently wrapped up the Batelco Design Sprint, held at the end of March in Brinc Batelco. Led by Head of Program Marwa Aleskafi, this was the first time the team ran and facilitated  the unique design thinking-focused workshop. To provide the best possible experience, the team took an intensive two-week online training from Google. The preparation proved to be a success.

6 Batelco employees from product marketing, customer service, mobile services, and other departments tackled the the revamp of Batelco’s e-services platform, which was struggling with low conversion rates.

The three-day design thinking immersive workshop focused on the customer journey of buying mobile products and services from Batelco’s e-services platform. The first day was focused on defining the problem and brainstorming solutions, the second on prototyping a mobile solution, and the third on refining the prototype based on user testing. The result was a bespoke mobile app tailored to customer needs.