The Internship Program @ Brinc

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What is the Internship Program @ Brinc?

The Internship Program @ Brinc is a 3 to 12 months training opportunity. At Brinc, we treat the interns as employees where they will be responsible for a position with all of its tasks and duties to acquire high professional skills to compete in the labor market.

How will the internship Program @ Brinc benefit you as a fresh graduate?

  • Gain experience beyond the textbooks.

  • Develop critical work skills

  • Network, network, network

  • Build your resume.

  • Finally, it is always busy at Brinc Batelco IoT Hub with a chance to learn something new every single day!

“ Everything is new, Everything is intelligent, Everything is beautiful
The experience I get if from brinc taught me how to think out of the box. “

— Anwar Abdulmajeed, University of Bahrain - An intern @ Brinc

Who can apply?

We are on the lookout for individuals that would seriously consider the on-the-job training opportunity as a stepping-stone in their career and are willing to provide a proactive contribution in the functional domain related to their area of interest. To qualify you must:-

  • A fresh graduate, a student or a jobseeker

  • 18 years to 25 years old.

  • Good English language

  • Willing to work under pressure

Should you be interested to join us in the future Internship program, kindly fill out the form below.